The home of the Guaranteed Colourbred racehorses, Homozygous Tobiano Stallion Angrove Spottedick

Welcome ! to Angrove Stud! Home of Coloured Racehorses

The Home of the Guaranteed Colourbred racehorses & the Paint Box Syndicate that raced the first coloured racehorse to be placed in the UK & Europe in 2012


Angrove Stud Breeders of the Coloured Racehorses Angrove Rumbaba & Angrove Fatrascal, The Only Coloured Guaranteed, Racehorse Stud in the UK !

Angrove Stud the concept & creation of Lev & Heather Kitching 10 years in the making and still going strong! we are proud to breed and race our own homebred coloured racehorses.

To help other's achieve their dreams of breeding their own coloured racehorse's using our rare precious bloodlines.

Read all about our homebred Homozygous Tobiano Stallion Angrove Spottedick the only coloured racehorse stallion in the UK to guarantee the colour  of his foals !


Angrove Stud Breeders of Coloured Racehorse Stallion  Angrove Spottedick GB sire of Angrove Fatrascal GB -  We Guaranteed the Colour of Racehorse's at Angrove Stud 

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Angrove Stud

3 more wives arrived at Mandy Briarwood stables this week this is the last time Angrove Spottedick will stand in the North east as he will be moving to South Wales. Stud fee this year is a special one off straight fee of £350 his progeny speak for themselves they are all correct with wonderful kind trainable temperaments

April 29 at 11:55am
Angrove Stud

Birthday Girl Marje in the sunshine, 1 today:-) and growing like a weed this colourbred filly is by Angrove Spottedick and has been retained by us for racing as she is the 3/4 sister to Angrove Rumbaba our ex coloured racehorse

April 28 at 5:30pm
Angrove Stud

Two Girls Birthdays today our very special Boo is 3 today and Marje is 1 Happy Birthday girls both our by our stallion Angrove Spottedick both pics taken this morning

April 28 at 11:01am
Angrove Stud

Throwing some shapes Yearling filly Queenie with her big sister Boo both fillies by Angrove Spottedick out of winning flat mare Star promise, both these colourbred fillies are retained for racing in our Paint Box Syndicate

April 27 at 11:13am
Angrove Stud

Angrove Chocelaire 28 / 4/ 2015 Colourbred filly by Angrove Spottedick out of Bond Angel Eyes 3/4 sister to Angrove Rumbaba, playing in the snow this April spring morning lol

April 26 at 12:03pm
Angrove Stud

Angrove Fatrascal has made the cover of the Coloured Thoroughbreds Page

April 25 at 5:26pm
Angrove Stud

24th of April we had the Racecourse Assocations visit us to see our wonderful coloured racehorses

April 24 at 4:35pm
Angrove Stud

Birthday girl 1 year old yesterday Queenie aka Angrove Queenpuds, looking better for two grooms in one day this filly is out of winning mare Star promise, and by our stallion Angrove Spottedick homozygous Tobiano tested. at stud for £350 straight fee

April 22 at 6:02pm
Angrove Stud

We have our own Birthday Girl today at Angrove Stud pictured here with Nick my son, Angrove Queenpuds, Happy birthday to Colourbred filly by Angrove Spottedick and Happy Birthday to the filly namesake her Majesty the Queen.

April 21 at 11:29am
Angrove Stud

April 20 at 11:23am
Angrove Stud

So nice to be able to groom 4 horses 2 yearling fillies and 1 three year old and our broodmare just out in the field no ropes trims tails and manes all groomed and looking smart

April 17 at 4:24pm
Angrove Stud

This is Topper aka Crofty's Roseberry Topping he is by our old Stallion Ricco he is for sale if anyone wants a totally genuine unspoilt horse please pm Judi Wilcock thank you

April 10 at 4:05pm
Angrove Stud

A really beautiful sunny day this morning so I took the opportunity to get a quick snap of the 3 youngsters together the 2 yearling fillies, Marje,& Queenie, & 3 year old Boo who is still bum high and growing

April 10 at 12:08pm
Angrove Stud

Angrove Stud are very proud to be hosting the Race Course Association race goers club on the 24th of April at 9am if you would like to come and see our private stud, why not join the club and come and see us first followed by a trip racing to Thirsk Races. Please follow the link, sadly our stallion has covering duties now so will not be at Angrove Stud but we will have Angrove Rumbaba and Angrove Fatrascal

April 8 at 2:13pm
Angrove Stud

Way back in 2014 Angrove Rumbaba met his dam and the rest of the Angrove Family

April 7 at 11:00am
Angrove Stud

Angrove Shortbred aka Nutmeg yearling filly by Arabian Sea out of Angrove Biscuit loving her new home with Frances great to see pics of her and to be able to share them with our page

April 3 at 5:51pm
Angrove Stud

Dexter aka Double Chocolate pudding 4 year old gelding by Angrove Spottedick owned and bred by Lisa Woolley Dexter is around 15.2 or 3 hh Dexter is around 50% TB and he is a sports horse

April 2 at 8:17pm
Angrove Stud

3 year old colourbred Boo & her yearling sister having cuddles with Lev's Grandson Oliver Kitching

March 29 at 12:30pm
Angrove Stud

We had a lovely family day with levs Grandchildren yesterday the ponies got totally spoilt with carrots and the Grandchildren with a fab Easter egg hunt

March 28 at 12:06pm
Angrove Stud

Nick hard at it bagging mature horse manure for sale at our gate, with one very interested onlooker Marge a yearling filly by Angrove Spottedick out of Bond Angel Eyes. Marge is half sister to Angrove Rumbaba

March 26 at 1:25pm
Angrove Stud

Angrove Rumbaba and Laura Hudson have been at it again lol well done to you both so much work and effort has gone into this boy supreme Champion today

March 25 at 6:43pm
Angrove Stud The new home later in the year of Angrove Spottedick he is moving to South Wales ! it will be so much warmer for him lucky boy ! He will Stand at Stud to breed coloured Racehorses & Sports horses

March 25 at 12:05pm
Angrove Stud

Very pleased to say that we now have a deposit for Angrove Spottedick. Thank you to all the people who messaged me about buying him, We will retain some breeding rights for 2 years so please stay with us, this is not the end by any means of Angrove Stud. We are very grateful to James and Mandy Ellison of Briarwood Stables who have done a splendid job of looking after Pudding for the last two years, we would like to wish them well with there future plans. We would also like to thank every person who has helped and contributed to this page from Lev myself and Nick

March 25 at 11:08am
Angrove Stud

March 24 at 4:43pm
Angrove Stud

It is with great sadness that we will be selling Angrove Spottedick, we have been informed by Briarwood Stables that they are no longer keeping stallions, As Lev my hubby has been so ill we can not stand him at stud here at Angrove. So this year will be his last covering seasdon before being put up for sale, we will be offering him at stud for a straight fee only so would interested parties please contact me for the revised stud fee. Angrove Spottedick will be available to purchase after this stud season thank you.

March 23 at 5:36pm