The home of the Guaranteed Colourbred racehorses, Homozygous Tobiano Stallion Angrove Spottedick

Welcome ! to Angrove Stud! Home of Coloured Racehorses

The Home of the Guaranteed Colourbred racehorses & the Paint Box Syndicate that raced the first coloured racehorse to be placed in the UK & Europe in 2012


Angrove Stud Breeders of the Coloured Racehorses Angrove Rumbaba & Angrove Fatrascal, The Only Coloured Guaranteed, Racehorse Stud in the UK !

Angrove Stud the concept & creation of Lev & Heather Kitching 10 years in the making and still going strong! we are proud to breed and race our own homebred coloured racehorses.

To help other's achieve their dreams of breeding their own coloured racehorse's using our rare precious bloodlines.

Read all about our homebred Homozygous Tobiano Stallion Angrove Spottedick the only coloured racehorse stallion in the UK to guarantee the colour  of his foals !


Angrove Stud Breeders of Coloured Racehorse Stallion  Angrove Spottedick GB sire of Angrove Fatrascal GB -  We Guaranteed the Colour of Racehorse's at Angrove Stud 

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Angrove Stud

Jonjo & Fatty in the saddling box at Catterick yesterday.. Lev & I would like to Thank Micky Hammond and his amazing team for looking after Fatty and for our special day !

August 27 at 10:09am
Angrove Stud

Angrove Fatrascal with Joey Haynes on board, with Trainer Micky Hammond at Catterick today. We have learnt a lot from today race we know that we need a longer trip and that we have stamina as Fatty was still pulling Joey's arms out after the finish line! So in a few weeks we will step up to 1 mile 4f Fatty finished his race fit and well and reay for more Thank you to Team Micky Hammond for such a wonderful day and for looking after the Paint Box Syndicate horse so well

August 26 at 6:42pm
Angrove Stud

Angrove Fatrascal is in the racing post !

August 26 at 12:11pm
Angrove Stud

A wonderful feature on the Micky Hammond web site -about the breeding programme and our past and present horses at Angrove Stud. Beautifully written ! what a team we are lucky enough to be with !

August 26 at 9:51am
Angrove Stud

Well we just had to didnt we poor chap the only one who never run before 2.40pm at Catterick Racecourse on Wednesday 26th of August #Coloured horse Running Angrove Fatrascal Trained by Micky Hammond

August 25 at 10:17am
Angrove Stud

Angrove Fatrascal Trained by Micky Hammond Racing in Middleham is now declared for the 26th of August, at 2.40pm The Racing Welfare family Day Maiden Stakes 7F at Catterick to be ridden by Joey Haynes. We are so grateful to Micky and his amazing team for the dedication & effort they have given Fatty we wouldn't wish to be with anyone else! Good Luck Team !

August 24 at 12:35pm
Angrove Stud

This photo taken 2 weeks ago all 3 babies Marje piebald, Queenie skewbald, both by Angrove Spottedick GB bred to race, and Nutmeg buckskin appaloosa, by Arabian Sea also bred to race all registered with Weatherbys.

August 20 at 10:31am
Angrove Stud

The stunning filly by Angrove Spottedick,Marje is nearly 4 months old 28/ 4/ 15 & so like her Daddy Marje is the 3/4 sister to Angrove Rumbaba our first coloured racehorse perfect little mini me

August 19 at 1:35pm
Angrove Stud

16000 ! likes Thank you to all our followers and likers. Exciting news we will be racing next week ! If anyone would like to join the Paint Box Syndicate, you wont miss this historic first race ! something to tell the grand children ! we will announce where and when soon

August 19 at 10:11am
Angrove Stud

Laura loving the new way to ride Rummy !

August 16 at 10:36am
Angrove Stud

The Stunning Boo a filly by our homozygous Tobiano stallion Angrove Spottedick. Boo is now 2.4 years old and just about looking right, she has grown into a swan at last! she is so nice she has the kindest temperament and is devoted to Lev. photo was taken this morning

August 12 at 10:51am
Angrove Stud

Angrove Fatrascal with us, at Micky Hammond racing stables in Middleham

August 9 at 6:46pm
Angrove Stud

It is wonderful to see Lev well enough now to come and take pics of the foals lev is getting stronger every day ! this pic is of Queenie now at 3 and 1/2 months old fully coated out and looking rather sleek, she is so different from her big full sister Boo, Queenie is so refined and a lovely sprinters bottom :-)

August 9 at 3:33pm
Angrove Stud

A glimpse of Fatty on the walker at Micky Hammond Racing taken on the 31st of July. 2% leased shares available now! at just £25 per month or 5% leased shares at £50 per month, join us this month on the race track for his first start on the flat ! phone 07803 298 033 or pm this page

August 5 at 2:58pm
Angrove Stud

Just look at the stride of Angrove Fatrascal he has inherited his sire's stride thats for sure photo taken with his trainer Micky Hammond watching him on Friday at Middleham low moor gallops

August 3 at 9:57am
Angrove Stud

We went to see Angrove Fatrascal doing some serious work at Micky Hammond Racing on Friday. In the video Fatty is upsides dual flat/hurdle winning, 5 year old mare, Russian Royal Fatty, after 7 F was still on the bridle and in the lead, well pleased was an understatement ! what a Team our lovely lad is with ! can not speak highly enough of them! Jonjo was riding Fatty an he looks after him and is his daily work rider. (Apologies to our syndicate members the newsletter is being written now! ) lev was very tired after his visit to see Fatty. Shares available now prices from just £25 per month minimum time 6 months ( leased shares) pm now for details or phone 07803 298 033 and ask for Heather

August 2 at 1:16pm
Angrove Stud

Nutmeg beautiful spotted buckskin filly by TB stallion Arabian Sea at nearly two months old "I Must have milk now"

July 30 at 3:46pm
Angrove Stud

Sister's sharing lunch ! Marje (black) Queenie (Bay)

July 27 at 12:07pm
Angrove Stud

Angrove Queenpuds 21/4/15 now 3 months old, full sister to Boo 2 year old tall chaser type filly, both by our stallion Angrove Spottedick, this little lady is built like a sprinter her butt is like a little bullocks, she was at full tilt in the paddock yesterday

July 26 at 3:44pm
Angrove Stud

We had fun and games this morning as we opened up the nursery paddock to the main field 3 gorgeous girls having fun Boo & Marje by Angrove Spottedick & Nutmeg by Arabian Sea

July 25 at 6:00pm
Angrove Stud

Angrove Spottedick our wonderful sire of all our coloured foals. Being so well looked after by the Briarwood Team and still taking late bookings now until August 31st. this photo is a wonderful reminder how this stunning boy moves in trot real hind leg overstep and engagment suitable for not just racing but eventing/ showing /show Jumping suitable kind & calm,temperament for all rounders. This photo was taken in January in his winter wollies

July 24 at 9:45am
Angrove Stud

A big thank you to Micky Hammond Racing and Rebecca Smith for sending us this pic taken yesterday, the first lot out, Angrove Fatrascal has gained weight and looks great ! serious work now :-) Shares available for just £25 per month 2% leased share or £50 per month 5% Leased share come an join the fun of owning the only syndicated coloured horse in training in the UK !

July 21 at 10:18am
Angrove Stud

2 year old filly Angrove Mumbuns out of race winning mare Star promise by our stallion Angrove Spottedick Boo is now over 16hh and our largest horse here at Angrove

July 19 at 5:40pm
Angrove Stud

Two very happy People lovey pic of Laura & her wonderful Angrove Rumbaba

July 18 at 9:57am
Angrove Stud

Fantastic Video of Laura Hudson & Angrove Rumbaba the Retrained Racehorse class at the Great Yorkshire show yesterday where Laura & Rummy were placed 7th out of 32 horses.

July 15 at 10:18am