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The Home of the Guaranteed Colourbred racehorses & the Paint Box Syndicate that raced the first coloured racehorse to be placed in the UK & Europe in 2012


Welcome to Angrove Stud breeders of Angrove Spottedick GB Homozygous Tobiano Coloured Racehorse Stallion at Stud 

Read all about our homebred Homozygous Tobiano Stallion Angrove Spottedick the only coloured racehorse stallion in the UK to guarantee the colour

Angrove Stud Breeders of Coloured Racehorses Angrove Rumbaba & Angrove Fatrascal The Number 1 Guaranteed Coloured Racehorse Stud in the UK 

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Angrove Stud

Angrove Fatrascal our next coloured racehorse, on the lounge on Thursday night his third time he really loves his work and is very active in his paces, ears pricked and a happy horse. Such a great attitude that is trainable.

Angrove Fatrascal 3rd time on the lounge

March 29 at 12:05pm
Angrove Stud

Star Promise by Mujahid out of Diamond Promise, Star is in foal to Angrove Spottedick for a full sibling to our stunning 2 year old filly Boo. Star is 317 days in foal today. Star went to 341 with Boo

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March 28 at 10:07am
Angrove Stud

March 27 at 3:21pm
Angrove Stud

What a lovely boy guarding the ladies Hotdip Choc Chip by Angrove Spottedick 2 year old colt

Chip on guard while his ladies have a snooze in the early morning sun.

March 27 at 10:22am
Angrove Stud

Bond Angel Eyes in foal for a guaranteed coloured racehorse foal to our wonderful stallion Angrove Spottedick. This special foal will be a 3/4 sibling to Angrove Rumbaba so excited, Angel is bagging up and slackening off now. she is 316 days today, she has foaled 08 Rummy 335,2010, Sylla 324, and 2012 coffee 340, Days

(Broodmares present & past )

March 26 at 11:45am
Angrove Stud

Very Proud to see Angrove Stud has made the Irish newspapers for our breeding programme and our coloured racehorses the word certainly spreading ! very proud indeed lovely article I hope our wonderful Angrove fans will enjoy reading follow the link

Horse: A colourful breed
There was a time in Ireland when coloured horses were considered nothing more than being good for pulling carts.

March 25 at 3:57pm
Angrove Stud

Angrove Fatrascal on the lounge on Monday night he is even wearing his grandsires (Ricco) Saddle cloth ! Fatty is so ready for work now and has taken to it really well enjoying his work he certainly isn't lazy

Angrove Fatrascal starts school

March 25 at 11:23am
Angrove Stud

Angrove Spottedick Sire of Angrove Fatrascal

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March 24 at 11:50am
Angrove Stud

Angrove Fatrascal very first time on the lunge tonight he picked up what its all about so quickly coming on really well

Fattys first lunging session

March 23 at 7:31pm
Angrove Stud

A very tall Angrove Mumsbuns 2 year old filly by Angrove Spottedick out of winning flat mare Star promise. Boo will be 2 at the end of April she is 15.2hh in from 15.3hh at the rear, Boo is bred to go racing and we hope to see her on the track next year if she is mature enough

March 23 at 11:16am
Angrove Stud

And here he is Angrove Fatrascal with my hubby Lev who will be 70 this year ! and stands 17.3hh ! Fatty is nearly 3 years old and around 15.2hh please keep liking and sharing our page for a chance to win a 5% leased share for 6 months in Angrove Fatrascal

March 21 at 10:28am
Angrove Stud

Just 11 days to go if you like and share our page! you have a chance of winning a leased share in Angrove Fatrascal when he goes racing so get liking & sharing our page and good luck ! The winner will get all the benefits of a 5% leased share, including discounted race tickets, owners badges, entry to owners & Trainers bars & paddocks, any winnings, stables visits, This prize is for 6 months from the draw. Must be over 18 proof of ID will be required.

March 20 at 6:55pm
Angrove Stud

Taken at @[60626146543:274:Angrove Stud] This morning a break in the clouds I was able to capture this great shot of the Eclipse

March 20 at 11:06am
Angrove Stud

Angrove Spottedick's 2 progeny for racing the 3 year old Angrove Fatrascal & the 2 year old Angrove Mumsbuns Fatty & Boo. Boo looks like she make a chaser the way she is growing Fatty more a dual type flat/hurdlers, both are shedding fast now and growing

March 19 at 12:30pm
Angrove Stud

Angrove Fatrascal long reining last night with Tasha and Jessica, Fatty was such a good boy he picked up what he had to do very quickly and for a youngster was so very well behaved

Angrove Fatrascal starts school

March 17 at 1:46pm
Angrove Stud

Happy Mothers day to our wonderful broodmare mummies to be.

March 15 at 11:31am
Angrove Stud

Its was like seeing a different horse today Laura has done such a great job of working Rummy his coat is like silk and he has such a great top line now,I am so Proud of Laura's dedication to Rummy. another pic taken this morning with Katie Jerram Angrove Rumbaba ridden by Laura Hudson

Angrove Rumbaba ( Coloured ROR ) & Laura Hudson Ridden showing
Its was like seeing a differnt horse today Laura has done such a great job of working Rummy his coat is like silk and he has such a great top line now,I am so Proud of Laura's dedication to Rummy. another pic taken this morning with Katie Jerram Angrove Rumbaba ridden by Laura Hudson — mit Heather Kitching und 3 weiteren Personen.
Coloured ROR - Angrove Rumbaba Ridden owned & produced by Laura Hudson

March 14 at 3:04pm