The home of the Guaranteed Colourbred racehorses, Homozygous Tobiano Stallion Angrove Spottedick

Welcome ! to Angrove Stud! Home of Coloured Racehorses

The Home of the Guaranteed Colourbred racehorses & the Paint Box Syndicate that raced the first coloured racehorse to be placed in the UK & Europe in 2012


Angrove Stud Breeders of the Coloured Racehorses Angrove Rumbaba & Angrove Fatrascal, The Only Coloured Guaranteed, Racehorse Stud in the UK !

Angrove Stud the concept & creation of Lev & Heather Kitching 10 years in the making and still going strong! we are proud to breed and race our own homebred coloured racehorses.

To help other's achieve their dreams of breeding their own coloured racehorse's using our rare precious bloodlines.

Read all about our homebred Homozygous Tobiano Stallion Angrove Spottedick the only coloured racehorse stallion in the UK to guarantee the colour  of his foals !


Angrove Stud Breeders of Coloured Racehorse Stallion  Angrove Spottedick GB sire of Angrove Fatrascal GB -  We Guaranteed the Colour of Racehorse's at Angrove Stud 

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Angrove Stud

Great Video showing how much Angrove Mumsbuns is learning with Sherree Lean so proud of Boo

July 27 at 2:48pm
Angrove Stud

Just like her sire what a jumper ! roll on 2017 jumps season flying with Team Sherree Lean

July 27 at 2:11pm
Angrove Stud

This is Queenie aka Angrove Queenpuds, Boo's little sister growing well but not going to be as big as her big sister she is around 14.2hh now at 14 months old she is by Angrove Spottedick out of a winning mare Star Promise. Registered with Weatherbys to race in the NTR

July 27 at 10:35am
Angrove Stud

And out Angrove Mumsbuns goes for some fun hacking while learning new things

July 26 at 10:10am
Angrove Stud

Stunning young colourbred racehorse Angrove Mumbuns with Sherree Lean

July 24 at 10:03am
Angrove Stud

Boo first proper canter clever girl learning fast with Sherree Lean

July 24 at 9:59am
Angrove Stud

Boo enjoying the sunshine of South Wales looking great ! thanks JSL Racing & Sherree Lean

July 23 at 9:58am
Angrove Stud

Boo as you never seen her before ! I wonder where she gets that jump from! A talented mare for sure ! I hope Boo follws in the footsteps of her Uncle Rummy and loves to race, sometimes the youngstock you breed can be a let down in some areas they were bred take Angrove fatrascal he did not suit racing and showed no ability but that does not mean they are not destined for a career in other ares where they can excel. like ROR showing or Jumping

July 15 at 8:17pm
Angrove Stud

Lovely photo of Angrove Spottedick GB at his new home with JSL Racing with Sherree Lean at stud now Guaranteed coloured foals as he is Homozygous for the Tobiano. 82.5 % TB sire of all our coloured racing stock

July 14 at 10:11am
Angrove Stud

Angrove Rumbaba at the Great Yorkshire Show 2016 placed 7th out of 38 entries Very Well done Laura Hudson we are all so proud of you !

July 12 at 8:56pm
Angrove Stud

Good Luck at the Great Yorkshire Angrove Rumbaba and Laura Hudson, Mummy Bond Angel Eyes and your sister Marje, are rooting for you !

July 10 at 5:29pm
Angrove Stud

Angrove Mumsbuns first time under saddle how impressive 😮👌🏻💕

July 9 at 6:01pm
Angrove Stud

"What an exceptional willing & forward thinking mare taking everything in her stride & putting so much effort into everything asked of her. 🏇" This is what Sherree Lean said about the wonderful filly Angrove Mumsbuns aka Boo, by Angrove Spottedick now owned by Sherree Lean so excited to be able to share this moment only a week ago she left Angrove Stud shares available from £25 per month now! please pm me for more details on how to join

July 9 at 9:39am
Angrove Stud

Angrove Mumsbuns aka Boo getting the hang of biting, saddles and work lol loving her job and being a good girl as well being broken by Sherree Lean of JSLRacing ( Boo has not been sold she is still owned by Angrove Stud) and shares in the Paint Box Syndicate are now available for Boo on a leased basis starting at £25 per month please contact me now via pm

July 7 at 10:46am
Angrove Stud

So Impressed with this lad attitude to work and by Sherree Lean and her team at JSL Racing still time to breed yourself a super talented coloured racehorse to jump or show ROR when they have finished racing

July 6 at 10:12am
Angrove Stud

Pudding is now back under saddle looking fab! :-) So pleased for both Sherree Lean and her team At Stud now in South Wales

July 5 at 6:17pm
Angrove Stud

Angrove Mumsbuns starts work New coloured racehorse ! in training with Sherree Lean of JSL Racing in South Wales

July 5 at 9:48am
Angrove Stud

I think we can safely say this boy has some talent ! Sherree lean is going to have some fun with Angrove Spottedick homozygous for Tobiano and now standing at stud in South Wales

July 4 at 10:58am
Angrove Stud This is another page to follow Angrove Spottedick and Angrove Mumsbuns training career

July 4 at 10:31am
Angrove Stud

The official racing name of Boo, Angrove Mumsbuns 2013 filly by Angrove Spottedick out of winning flat mare Star Promise I cant wait to hear the racing commentators getting this right lol ;-)

July 3 at 10:32am
Angrove Stud

Angrove Spottedick Homozygous Tobiano stallion, next to his 3 year old daughter, the newly named Angrove Mumsbuns on their way to south wales Boo is going to be broken and is then going to start her pre training and then her racing career with Sherree Lean of SL Sports horses

July 3 at 8:18am
Angrove Stud

ARRIVING THIS SATURDAY at SL Sportshorses in South Wales ANGROVE SPOTTEDICK He will be available from July for stud here in South Wales so please get in touch to make bookings. 2007 Black 15.1hh 82.5% TB Fully licensed with Weatherbys. Homozygous Tobiano DNA black base red carrier, Ee TT aa non agouti carrier, Possible colour of foals Black & White, Bay & White, Chesnut & White from non grey or dilute mares.

July 1 at 10:17am
Angrove Stud

June 29 at 5:11pm
Angrove Stud

This is such a beautiful photo of Angrove Rumbaba & Laura at the Royal Highland well done once again on your third place

June 24 at 10:00am
Angrove Stud

Angrove Stud would like to wish Laura Hudson and Angrove Rumbaba massive congratulations on coming 3rd at the Royal Highland out of a strong class of retrained racehorses onward's and upwards Team Rummy

June 23 at 5:00pm