The home of the Guaranteed Colourbred racehorses, Homozygous Tobiano Stallion Angrove Spottedick

Welcome ! to Angrove Stud! Home of Coloured Racehorses

The Home of the Guaranteed Colourbred racehorses & the Paint Box Syndicate that raced the first coloured racehorse to be placed in the UK & Europe in 2012


Angrove Stud Breeders of the Coloured Racehorses Angrove Rumbaba & Angrove Fatrascal, The Only Coloured Guaranteed, Racehorse Stud in the UK !

Angrove Stud the concept & creation of Lev & Heather Kitching 10 years in the making and still going strong! we are proud to breed and race our own homebred coloured racehorses.

To help other's achieve their dreams of breeding their own coloured racehorse's using our rare precious bloodlines.

Read all about our homebred Homozygous Tobiano Stallion Angrove Spottedick the only coloured racehorse stallion in the UK to guarantee the colour  of his foals !


Angrove Stud Breeders of Coloured Racehorse Stallion  Angrove Spottedick GB sire of Angrove Fatrascal GB -  We Guaranteed the Colour of Racehorse's at Angrove Stud 

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Angrove Stud

Home of our coloured ex racehorse Angrove Fatrascal

February 8 at 12:40pm
Angrove Stud

Angrove Spottedick Stallion, out in the paddock at Briarwood Stables were he stands at stud getting ready for his stud season, thaks to Mandy & Sophie for the pics

February 5 at 4:51pm
Angrove Stud

If you would like to breed a guaranteed coloured foal, have a look at these foals first. All progeny so far have made over 15.2hh most will make 16hh + pm me or phone 01642 724 860 or 07803 298 033

January 26 at 2:54pm
Angrove Stud

A Great shot of Angrove Fatrascal with Robbie Fitzpatrick at Ripon just a bit keen

January 22 at 11:18am
Angrove Stud

Sire of Guaranteed coloured foals Angrove Spottedick GB 82.5 % TB 12% ID 5% Arab 15.1hh Licensed with Weatherbys to breed coloured racehorses at stud 2016 sports horses & ponies £500 TB mares £600 NFFR At Stud at Mandy Briarwood stables Stockton On Tees PM me for nomination form and more details

January 18 at 4:53pm
Angrove Stud

Join the discussion !great web page about all sorts of coloured TBs !

January 17 at 3:55pm
Angrove Stud

A snowy morning here at Angrove just as the sun comes the colourbreds all rugged up

January 17 at 1:28pm
Angrove Stud

What a Fab Pic of Ex coloured Racehorse Angrove Rumbaba & Laura on a cold frosty morning

January 16 at 6:33pm
Angrove Stud

Very Thrilled to Announce Gemma Newcombe is to retrain Angrove Fatrascal from the wonderful setting of Farm View Hall Equestrian Centre, we can't wait to see the pair of them out showing this year ! Thank you once again to the over 150 people to asked to buy Angrove Fatrascal it was so very important that Fatty stayed in Yorkshire where lev and I can be apart of his future, we bred him for life !

January 13 at 8:01pm
Angrove Stud

Happy 9th Birthday to our wonderful Stallion Angrove Spottedick our horse of a lifetime and the sire of Angrove Fatrascal. Pudding as he is known at home is 82.5 TB 12.5% ID and 5% Arab and he is Homozygous for the Tobiano gene which means all his foals are guaranteed to be coloured Licensed with Weatherby to reed racehorses and for stud as a sports horse or pony sire as well

January 10 at 11:16am
Angrove Stud

Thank you to everyone who sent messages all 135 of you ! and to all thoes very kind people who shared our post, to all of the good will messages to wish Fatty a happy future ! We hope to announce who has bought Angrove Fatrascal on Wednesday when he leaves for his new home. A big thank you to all the likers and followers of our page,last of all a very special thank you to our Paint Box Syndicate members for showing such support in our breeding programme , and future racehorse Angrove Mumsbuns our 3 year old filly by Angrove Spottedick.

January 9 at 4:41pm
Angrove Stud

I hope some of our friends and followers might like to read our story straight from the heart why not take a look at the Equestrian Entrepreneurs Network what a great place for equestrian business owners

January 8 at 7:29pm
Angrove Stud

At Stud Angrove Spottedick Homozygous for the Tobiano gene which means all his foals will be guaranteed to be coloured ! 15.1hh 82 .5% TB 12.5% ID 5 % arab sire of all our coloured racehorses including Angrove Fatracal Stud fees sports horses £500 TB Mares £600 Live foal Guarantee NFFR

January 8 at 4:53pm
Angrove Stud

Angrove Fatrascal

January 7 at 5:35pm
Angrove Stud

Due to being deluged with Pms asking about Angrove fatrascal price we have been offered £2500 for him so that gives everyone an Idea as a guide. We are looking for a Top ROR showing home as we feel this would suit his character he would do other jobs as he jumps really well so I hope this helps

January 5 at 4:41pm
Angrove Stud

It is with a heavy heart and sadness that Lev and I have retired Angrove Fatrascal from racing, and as he is a gelding he will be for sale as an ROR prospect, 4 years old and stands 15.2hh and still growing. As the show season will be upon us very soon,he needs to be started as soon as possible, his last race was Nov 26th. He is Sound and Vice free with clean legs and like his uncle Angrove Rumbaba has a good work ethic & cabable of doing the highest level of ROR Tarra or County shows. Please PM me or Ring 07803 298 033 no Texts ! Please send details of your interest, serious enquires only please we will talk about price on application as I prefer to talk to you thank you.

January 5 at 1:24pm
Angrove Stud

This lovely mare is Angrove Fatrascal Dam such a kind mare lovely to see her and her lovely owner Ella.

January 4 at 2:33pm
Angrove Stud

I got this lovely pic sent to me by Laura the one and only Angrove Rumbaba having new year cuddles with Laura. Great photos showinghow much this lady loves her horse !

January 3 at 1:34pm
Angrove Stud

A Very Happy New year to all our Facebook friends and followers we hope all your dreams come true in 2016 and we hope you all have a Healthy & Happy New Year!

December 31 at 6:39pm
Angrove Stud

Angrove Spottedick stallion video of 2015 showing all his colourbred progeny

December 30 at 12:50pm
Angrove Stud

Not a slay or Santa but, Christmas Eves Moon just stunning Happy Christmas

December 25 at 3:24pm
Angrove Stud

Merry Christmas from Lev and I and all the neds here at Angrove Stud Bottom right Our Stallion Angrove Spottedick Homozygous for the Tobiano gene he will guarantee all his stock are coloured all round him are his progeny all bred by Angrove Stud

December 19 at 11:07am
Angrove Stud

Thank you to our lovely Paint Box Syndicate members for a great afternoon of chat over a mulled wine and a Mince pie, So pleased the horses were good including our two weaninglings Marje & Queenie who are 7 months old, I think Boo and Fatty not to mention Angel really enjoyed the carrots you brought. see you all again soon

December 14 at 2:56pm
Angrove Stud

Angrove Mumsbuns aka Boo looking pretty good. All the horses are looking forward to seeing the paint box syndiate members on Sunday at 2.30pm mulled wine or soft drinks, sauage rolls, and Mince pies Happy Christmas # Lovely times

December 9 at 11:57am
Angrove Stud

What an amazing calm temperament Boo and Queenie have they were last in tonight and they stood in this howling weather waiting for Lev and I to get Marje & her mum Angel in and Fatty such great horses so proud of them

December 5 at 5:43pm