Ricco: Information about our thoroughbred coloured stallion including Performance Information, Foals and Progeny, and Thoroughbred Bloodlines.

Information About Our Piebald Coloured Thoroughbred Stallion Ricco

Why follow the crowd? There's no warmblood in this English Gentleman! Ricco qualified for BN DIS SCOPE, and SSH Finals 2004. He was successful at the British Equestrian Federation/South Essex Insurance Brokers Young Horse Evaluation Series 2003 with an overall score of 7.43, gaining BEF Breeding and Performance Diplomas.


Thoroughbred Bloodlines Of Our Coloured Stallion Ricco

Ricco Stallion Information

Ricco's Thoroughbred Bloodlines

The Tetrarch, the spotted wonder, who appears five times in Ricco's thoroughbred bloodlines Ricco's thoroughbred bloodline includes The Tetrarch, the spotted wonder, who appears five times, and The Tetrarch's Daughter, Mumtaz Mahal, the flying filly.

As a broodmare, Mumtaz Mahal stamped herself as one of the most important foundations in the Aga Khan's stud.

Her foals included Sussex Stakes winner Badruddin, Coventry Stakes winner Mirza II, French Stakes winner Furrokh Siyar, and the important broodmares Mah Mahal (Dam of Derby winner Mahmoud), Mumtaz Begum (Dam of Nasrullah, Malindi, Grand Dam of Royal Charger), and Rustom Mahal.

Other notable horses in Ricco's bloodlines are Man O' War, Americus Girl and Lady Josephine.

The Spotting Gene

Birdcatcher: Ricco's thoroughbred bloodlines The Spotting gene first seems to have appeared 100 years before The Tetrarch's birth, in The Birdcatcher, whom also had spots, although the spots were smaller.

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